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It is possible to buy one or more licenses directly from this website. In the case of public and/or private structures, we can set up personalized license packages.


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The software contains all the functionalities
The software is easy to install and to use
The software is downloadable from internet
The Kinect for Windows and the accessories can be bought directly from our website (with no charge) or from other stores

B10Mouse v 1. Presentation

In the video presented aside, we show some of the features of the system. It is possible to see the functioning of some of the vocal commands (in English in the video, but it is possible to add many more languages) and of the mouse pointer movement modality. In the video, wide movements are performed, in order to show them better, but the system is highly customizable depending on the user mobility and posture. Modifying some settings from an intuitive interface, users will be able to move the pointer with the desired precision, depending on their physical characteristics. The last feature shown is the eye-blink detector, used to perform mouse clicks for users who cannot use voice.