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1 Does B10Mouse work with all operating systems?

The system is available only on Windows 7/8.

2 CanB10Mouse work without Kinect?

No, Kinect for Windows is necessary for B10Mouse to work.

3 Do I need a particular computer to use B10Mouse?

No, no particular hardware is necessary. It is sufficient that your computer respects the system requirements

4 Do vocal commands exclude the use of eye-blinks?

Vocal commands and eye-blink commands are independent and can be used together.

5 Do I need to renew my license every year?

No, the license doesn't expire related to version acquired.

6 Are the software updates free?

No. All updates are free for the current version (v1.0).

7 Is it possible to buy B10Mouse on other sites/stores?

No, at the moment B10Mouse is exclusively sold by B10NIX s.r.l. on this site

8 s it possible to customize B10Mouse according to my particular needs?

B10Mouse is already highly customizable by the user. Anyhow, on request, we evaluate together with the user the development of new functionalities. For more info, drop us an email.